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20 Years of Red Frogs

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Red Frogs Australia Chaplaincy Network, founded in 1997 recruits around 1500 volunteers annually each year. These volunteers are the heartbeat of the Red Frogs network which serves in 17 Schoolies locations Australia wide with over 70,000 School leavers attending. Armed with over 10 tonne of Allen's Frogs Alive red Frogs lollies, Red Frogs volunteers assist school-leavers by walking them home, cooking pancakes, cleaning their rooms, handing out Allen's Red Frogs, and - most importantly - offering emotional support through what can often be a challenging week. Red Frogs also operates in 26 major Universities and over 140 Residential Colleges across Australia serving over 120,000 students. Now, Red Frog has gone global serving in South Africa, New Zealand, UK, Poland and Canada. In 20 years, a simple idea of grabbing a bag of lollies has come a long way. This is the Red Frogs Journey.
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