Your favourite very tall man, Gary Hoogvliet, has travelled again. This time he’s in England! In this brand new series, Gary enjoys a ‘cuppa’ with a variety of English guests including Anne Hegerty from The Chase, Nicky Gumbel, founder of Alpha, apologist John Lennox and evangelist J John. Be inspired and challenged by their perspectives on faith, church, worship and apologetics.

  • Anne Hegerty

    Today’s guest has been on NZ tele for years – known to many as The Governess from The Chase – Anne Hegerty talks about faith, cats, and living with autism.

  • John Lennox - Part 1

    Today’s guest is an Irish Professor Emeritus of Mathematics from Oxford University, and one of the world’s best known Christian apologists, though as Professor John Lennox told Gary, he’s not apologising for anything.

  • John Lennox - Part 2

    In part 2. Professor John Lennox tackles the big questions of ‘Why is there suffering?, and ‘Could God have made a world where people don’t do horrible things to each other?’

  • Paul Blackham - Part 1

    Today’s guest has been described as a modern-day John the Baptist. Theologian and Church Planter, Rev. Dr. Paul Blackham tackles the big topics of faith in a post-Christian society and unicorns! Part 1 of 2.

  • Paul Blackham - Part 2

    In this second part of Gary's interview with the Rev. Dr. Paul Blackham he tackles the question, ‘What is Church?’

  • Nicky Gumbel - Part 1

    In this episode our guest is known the world over as former vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton. Nicky Gumbel talks about his coming to faith, being overzealous, and why he believes in the Alpha course.

  • J.John

    Our guest in this episode is Greek, lives in the UK and is known the world over for his wit and charm. J. John talks missions, faith, and evangelism.

  • Chris Bowater

    Our guest is known as the Father of UK Praise and Worship. Song-writer and composer, Chris Bowater talks about the pursuit of excellence and authentic worship.