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Episode 16 – Deceptive Roads To Addiction

Be That, Season 1 Episode 16.
It isn’t something that is planned and it can take over before you know it...we find ourselves in the destructive grip of addiction. Those close to us tend to recognize it first. “Isn’t that enough drinks for tonight?" “You have been on that game all day, you should go outside and get some exercise.'' “If you keep eating all those M&M’s you will turn into one”. Although well intended, all we hear after a while are judgments, questions, and nagging. Instead of taking responsibility and changing our behavior, we tend to deny and continue blindly along a destructive path. How can we break free? To help us unpack this topic, guests this episode are Mark Johnston & Pete Cunningham , as well as our Regular panelist, Clinical Psychologist Sarah Harriott, and Abe Andrews - husband, dad and ex-chaplain of the World Surf Tour.
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