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Episode 17 – Letting Go

Be That, Season 1 Episode 17.
In life we are constantly faced with problems and adversities that are out of our control. It’s an important part of life to develop the skills that can help us to learn when to surrender and let go. This is certainly not something that comes easily, and for many people it does not come naturally. It is human nature to want to control every situation but this can lead to a false sense of security and leave us clinging to whatever it is we don't want to lose. Learning to surrender can result in the vulnerability needed to reach a place where we realise that it is ok to let go. This episode explores the freedom that can be experienced both in the everyday and the unexpected by learning to let go. Joining the discussion we have Kris Cochraine and Kristian MacFarlane , as well as our Regular panelist, Clinical Psychologist Sarah Harriott, and Abe Andrews - husband, dad and ex-chaplain of the World Surf Tour.
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