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Episode 23 – Cultivating intimacy and Vulnerability

Be That, Season 1 Episode 23.
Connection is a living, breathing concept, and is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship. Not only does connection bring with it the promise of exciting new opportunities, shared goals and endeavours, but it is a type of glue that holds couples together through the most challenging times, and allows each to feel safe in the partnership. In my work with couples in distress, disconnection is the most common factor contributing to relationship dissatisfaction, and is the catalyst for problems such as fractured communication, chronic conflict, and lack of emotional and physical intimacy. Trust, vulnerability, connection and intimacy are inseparable bedfellows in a strong relationship. They are interconnected in that, once emotional intimacy improves, so too does connection, and with it trust, and a willingness to be vulnerable with one another. And with this connection, the potential for synergy is unleashed; that wonderful, almost mystical property that emerges when two individuals are intimately connected; engaged, vulnerable, honest, and deeply trusting. In this state, a relationship has the potential to sustain deep love, provide refuge, inspire change, produce loving offspring, and have a purpose that goes beyond what either individuals could have aspired to alone.
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