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Bethlehem Baptist Church are all about encouraging people, real community, and encountering God every day. Seeking to build a strong community of believers in Tauranga and beyond. To find out more visit

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Bethlehem Baptist Church
  • Bethlehem Baptist Church - 26 June 2022

    Episode 1

    How does prayer work? What do I have to say, or how long do I need to pray so that God can answer my prayers? Jesus told the parable of the persistent widow to help us understand that God is not like the hard-hearted judge. God cares about our situation and the injustices we face. Yet, He is also...

  • Bethlehem Baptist Church - 12 June 2022

    Episode 2

    The parable of the shrewd manager is as perplexing to listen to today as it must have been when Jesus told it. Instead of agreeing with the actions of an employer firing a bad manager, Jesus turns around and praises the actions of this manager of seemingly cooking the books to make sure he has fr...

  • Bethlehem Baptist Church - 5 June 2022

    Episode 3

    The parable of the bridesmaids teaches us to be ready and prepared. Being prepared is not just about having enough oil, it is about the condition of our hearts behind the scenes. How serious do we take our responsibilities to help getting the bride of Christ, the church, ready for when He retu...

  • Bethlehem Baptist Church - 29 May 2022

    Episode 4

    The parable of the mustard seed is so simple that it’s almost ridiculous. But its power is locked up in this very simplicity. The Kingdom of God started really small with seemingly humble and insignificant beginnings but like a mustard tree, it grew to dominate the landscape and change the world....

  • Bethlehem Baptist Church - 22 May 2022

    Episode 5

    Parables expose our cherished privileges and teach us Kingdom values in straightforward terms. We have been forgiven much, but where does that leave us then? It is not easy to forgive others for what they have done, ourselves for our own mistakes and sometimes even God for when things don’t work ...

  • Bethlehem Baptist Church - 15 May 2022

    Episode 6

    As Christians we live in a constant tension in a fallen world. We are called to live a life apart from this fallen world yet are a part of it. It gets even more messy when we try to create the perfect world around us especially in church. Jesus used a very simple analogy to explain a very importa...

  • Bethlehem Baptist Church - 8 May 2022

    Episode 7

    The parable of the lost son is a well-known story about redemption. Did you know the that the bulk of this story is dedicated to the celebrations when the son returned? Did the son deserve it? No! The father realized that the only way he could be fully redeemed was to lift his shame by treating h...

  • Bethlehem Baptist Church - 1 May 2022

    Episode 8

    In our spiritual journey we may face many obstacles and hardships that can tempt us to make small compromises that end up leading us further and further from God. However, when we realize that we are our own enemies to our righteousness we can lift up our eyes, refocus on God and let Him get us b...

  • Bethlehem Baptist Church - 24 April 2022

    Episode 9

    What happens when we as the people of the church get stuck at the crucifixion side of the gospel and never truly move on to the resurrection side of it? We then become overly focused on scouring our souls of every bit of sin instead of celebrating the grace of undeserved forgiveness. This constan...

  • Bethlehem Baptist Church - 17 April 2022

    Episode 10

    Whose vision of the future are you prioritizing today? Nehemiah stayed focused on God’s vision for the nation of Israel and that helped him to prioritize God’s vision for Jerusalem and his own life. When his enemies tried to trip him up and started campaigns to derail the work of God, Nehemiah wa...

  • Church at Home - Bethlehem Baptist Church - 10 April 2022

    Episode 11

  • Bethlehem Baptist Church - 3 April 2022

    Episode 12

    Nehemiah found that as the rebuild progressed, resistance and opposition to what he was doing increased as well. In this week’s message Monica unpacks how Nehemiah managed to keep his eyes and heart focused on the promises of God. Join us and watch online or recap with the message as we get some ...

  • Bethlehem Baptist Church - 27 March 2022

    Episode 13

    Nehemiah found himself living in a time of fulfilment of prophesies from years earlier. He didn’t let the trouble at hand stop him from seeing through the rubble for he had hope in what God promised. What rubble could be blocking your vision today and possibly steal your hope for the future?

  • Bethlehem Baptist Church - 20 March 2022

    Episode 14

  • Bethlehem Baptist Church - 13 March 2022

    Episode 15

    We are the recipients of amazing grace from God and we do not deserve any of it. Once we realize this one thing we can go out and live lives as agents of grace to other people who don’t deserve it. We do it then because we know we don’t deserve it either.

  • Bethlehem Baptist Church - 6 March 2022

    Episode 16

    What is Ungrace? Sometimes, in wanting the best for others, we can find ourselves moving from motivation to manipulation. How can we avoid the temptation of becoming toxic when we really had the best intention in mind for others?

  • Bethlehem Baptist Church - 27 February 2022

    Episode 17

    Living a Grace based life influences those around us in surprising ways. Grace lived out becomes contagious and draws people in. Grace has to power to break open, even the hardest of hearts.

  • Bethlehem Baptist Church - 20 February 2022

    Episode 18

  • Bethlehem Baptist Church - 13 February 2022

    Episode 19

    Living in a performance orientated world makes it easy to fall into legalism in our faith. Afterall it is easy to test and measure ourselves when we have a set of rules to follow. It even help us feel better about ourselves, especially when we measure our own efforts against others. What is so wr...

  • Bethlehem Baptist Church - 6 February 2022

    Episode 20

    Play It Again:
    Faith in God is exactly that, faith in God. It’s not faith in the all the good ideas and plans we might have to help God achieve what we would like to see in our lives. We open ourselves up for disappointment, anger towards God and eventually resentment when these plans come to not...

  • Bethlehem Baptist Church - 30 January 2022

    Episode 21

  • Bethlehem Baptist Church - 23 January 2022

    Episode 22