Church at Home - 16 June 2024

Church at Home - 16 June 2024

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Church at Home - 16 June 2024
  • The River Church - 16 June 2024

    In a culture that is choked with busyness, time is one of the most precious gifts that we can give. Through the lives of Old Testament prophets Elijah and Elisha we will see the impact of investing time into someone’s life. We will observe the quiet power of being, crafting a familiar echo, and h...

  • Bethlehem Baptist Church - 16 June 2024

    Jesus stomps over cultural and traditional norms about religious stereotypes throughout the Gospels. Speaking to the woman at the well is a perfect example. Jesus did not just stop to talk to a woman, but a Samaritan woman at that. Jesus always meets us where we're at, not where we think we shoul...

  • Chapter 5 - Part One

    Teaching and testimonies with Pastors Terry and Jayne Calkin from Journey Church in Auckland.

  • The Dream Centre - 16 June 2024

  • Church Unlimited - 16 June 2024

    One thing you can be 100% sure of is that there is always much more in God to be experienced - he is unlimited in every way you could imagine and he wants a relationship with you and for you to experience a great awakening in every area of your life.

  • LIFE - 16 June 2024

    Nau mai, Haere mai! Welcome! Join us for our Church Online service with powerful message of hope from Ps Luke de Jong (Senior Pastor). As we kick off our Expansion season, Ps Luke invites us to explore God's ability to multiply what's in our hands when we place it in His hands.

  • Grace Vineyard Church - 16 June 2024

  • Sunday Mass - 16 June 2024

  • Nelson Cathedral - 16 June 2024