Church of Home - 2 June 2024

Church of Home - 2 June 2024

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Church of Home - 2 June 2024
  • The River Church - 2 June 2024

    Treated like some kind of ethereal force, the Holy Spirit is one of the most misunderstood members of the Trinity. Pastor Lyall explores how the Holy Spirit is the sent One, our advocate of awe, and our call to be awestruck seers and believers.

  • Bethlehem Baptist Church - 2 June 2024

    In the story of Jesus clearing the temple, we see his heart for mission. He made space for everyone, especially those who were marginalized. As Christians, we must reflect this by embodying Jesus for others. While it's natural to feel anger at injustice or wrongdoing, our anger should be channell...

  • The Dream Centre - 25 June 2023

  • Church Unlimited - 2 June 2024

    Pentecost, where we remembered and celebrated the coming of the Holy Spirit and the birth of the church over 2000 years ago. What would it take for the church to experience Another Pentecost today? Something new or remembering the lessons of old?

  • LIFE - 2 June 2024

    Nau mai, Haere mai! Welcome! Join us for our Church Online service with a powerful message of hope from Ps Scott Thornton. In this message, Ps Scott explores the deep confidence in live we find in knowing and becoming like Christ, and the power of His Word in providing a bridge to know Him.

  • Grace Vineyard Church - 2 June 2024

  • Sunday Mass - 2 June 2024

  • Nelson Cathedral - 2 June 2024