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Last Flight Out

In the remote jungles of Colombia, washed-up pilot Dan Hogan becomes a family's last hope to escape the guerilla fighting in the area.

Fragmented news reports continue to trickle in from Colombia. Guerilla fighters and drug runners have taken over remote sections of the jungle, terrorising villagers and enslaving workers. That's bad news for the family of Ann Williams, a medical missionary stationed in the remote village of Alto Risco. At last report, a gang of drug runners lead by the notorious General Salazar were closing in on Ann's village. Running out of time, Ann's father, Tony, turns to an old friend for help - washed-up pilot and Ann's ex-boyfriend Dan Hogan. A commercial accident reduced Dan's career to repo work - stealing jets back from delinquent buyers - but now he's headed deep into the jungle on a sketchy mission to rescue the woman he once loved. At a final fuel stop Dan picks up a much-needed guide, missionary dentist and non-stop talker Dr Mateo Barrero, who will guide Dan to the unknown dangers awaiting them at Alto Risco. Filmed in the jungles of Puerto Rico, Last Flight Out is a movie from Billy Graham's World Wide Pictures.

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Additional Info

  • Rating: PGR
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Genre: Drama
  • progid: 801538