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Driven to gain everything the world can give him, a drag racer's life comes to a screeching halt when he realises that not all races end at the finish line.

Starring John Schneider (Dukes of Hazzard, Smallville), Adrenaline is set deep in the heart of motorsports, in the rowdy roots culture of North Carolina, where its people consume horsepower and bleed motor oil. Racing enthusiast Joseph Jenkins (Michael Rosander) an orphaned street racer, struggles to make his way to the top in the dangerous world of high stakes illegal street racing. Joined by his best friend Trace Mallery (Myke Holmes) they crank out all-nighters for that next race. Joseph’s life is suddenly turned upside down after a near fatal crash during a street race. During Joseph’s recovery in the hospital he meets Elijah who, living on borrowed time, gains Joseph's trust with his ecstatic, frenzied way towards life. Eli’s unbreakable faith encourages Joseph and leads him out of a wheel chair to learning a new way to walk. With the help of his physical therapist, Joseph learns how to adjust to his new circumstances. As Joseph works closely with Josie, he begins to struggle with his heartfelt feelings towards the one girl who has changed his life and the physical limitations that he has been dealt. When Joseph finally returns home he is visited by an old friend of his father’s, PAUL (John Schneider) who convinces Joseph that he can not only race again, but that he is going to teach him. Paul, joined by Trace, leads Joseph on a new journey into the world of professional drag racing. Joseph now faces the struggle of coordinating his physical disabilities against the high speed reaction times required to compete. As Joseph overcomes his new challenges he is faced with an old rival. Facing incredible adversity Joseph discovers there is more to life than just winning. It’s not what you drive, but what drives you.

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