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  • Shineathon 2021

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    Shout for Joy all the Earth! We give thanks to God for all he has done for Shine TV. Our annual Shineathon begins 16th August. You can support us now in helping to continue proclaiming the love of Jesus to New Zealand and beyond. Visit www.shineathon.co.nz

  • When Calls The Heart Mid Winter Christmas Specials

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    We celebrate the mid winter Hope Valley style with our Christmas collection of When Calls the Heart. Featuring the Greatest Christmas Blessing from Season 6 and Home For Christmas - Season 7.

  • WWJD3 - The Journey Continues


    The journey continues from our first WWJD film as the drifter, John Schneider, arrives into a new town, inspiring a group of people to live as Jesus would. A troubled teen heads down the wrong path dragging his brother along with him. A young woman struggles with the pressures of being in a roman...