Finding The Light - Season 2

Finding The Light - Season 2

3 Episodes

Lizzie Oakes invites her guests into honest conversations about difficult seasons in their lives and discovers how the light of God's love got them through. This season's guest's include Sela Alo, Naomi Cowan, Alison Shaw and more.

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Finding The Light - Season 2
  • Naomi Cowan - Though I Walk Through the Valley

    Episode 3

    Mental health advocate Naomi Cowan chats to Lizzie Oakes about confronting her own mortality, and the depth of grace she has found in surrendering to God.

  • Nick Stevens - There is Power in His Word

    Episode 2

    TW: Discussions around drug use and mental health disorders

    Once an aspiring drug kingpin, Nick Stevens tells Lizzie Oakes about the moment God’s Word pierced his darkness, and how his mum’s prayers got him through.

    Alcohol Drug Helpline (0800 787 797)

  • Alison Shaw - I Will Never Forsake You

    Episode 1

    Alison Shaw shares her journey of caring for her mother through dementia, knowing God was her Rock in the shifting sands of grief and loss.

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