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Gallows Road

Bob Collins (Ernie Hudson) has it all: A loving wife, two children who adore him and a younger brother and business partner, Seth, (Marcus Mauldin). God is good to Bob and life is happy. Bob and Seth are just one day away from making their dream of opening an antique store come true. Jake Knight (Bill McAdams Jr) is a man searching for a purpose. One of his only hopes and saving grace is his boss Frank (Kevin Sorbo) who is a good friend offering both steady work and spiritual advice. But more often than not, Jakes search seems to end at the bottom of a bottle. An unthinkable crime, will draw these men together, changing their lives forever – turning one from the light while speeding the other towards darkness. Set in the rustic backdrop of rural Texas, Gallows Road explores how tragedy, heartbreak and the choices that we make impact our lives and those around us in unimaginable ways. As a family man withdraws from the world to overcome his agonising loss, another man struggles with the unbearable guilt of his role in the crime. Who will choose love over hate, forgiveness over revenge? And who will rise to the light…or face the walk down Gallows Road?
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