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Go Tell It On The Mountain

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Taking a skiing or snow-boarding holiday is a dream come true for so many: Clear blue skies, white mountains glistening with newly-fallen snow, a relaxing dip in a hot-tub with happy family and friends. Ski resorts seem like a mountain paradise, perfect for enjoying the wonder of God's creation and the ideal holiday. However, the reality of the ski and snowboard industry is much darker; affecting those who live this lifestyle full-time socially, emotionally, spiritually and economically. The seasonal, party-hard, live-for-the-moment nature of the industry can lead to depression and suicide in mountain towns is much higher than average. These are some of the most transient populations in the world and a culture that celebrates substance abuse leads to brokenness. A closer look at the apparent happy-go-lucky, fun-loving communities reveals the shine is only surface deep. However, in recent years, a swell of new life, a fresh hope, a light in the darkness, has come to some of these communities by way of people who love and serve Jesus in their own unique contexts. These five stories are personal stories of light in darkness. SFC's Go Tell It On The Mountain: stories of lights on the hill.
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