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Keep Your Eyes on Jesus He is Coming Back for You Imperfect People The Mistakes Men Make The Mistakes Women Make Drifting Apart Protracted Singleness You Look a Lot Like Jesus You Are My Child Treading on Toes You Are Precious You Have an Inheritance God Wants to be Close to You No, It’s Not a Perfect Church Your Sin is Killing You No, It’s Not a Shopping Mall Turn Your Life Around No Temptations Greater Than You Can Bear Your New Life Awaits Don’t Worry, Be Happy Do You Expect God to Bless You? Life Wasn’t Meant to be Easy Don’t Kid Yourself Miracle-Working Power God’s Grand Design It’s Not an Easy Road You’re Not Defined by Failure Don’t Be Squeezed Discovering True Security Body Beautiful It’s Not About Money Dummy Value Is Determined by Price No Prizes for Guessing Finding Your Safe Retreat Do Not Be Afraid, Ever In Your Darkest Hour Being Humbled Honoured Above All Others Bless Me Indeed A Life-Changing Experience Living in Fear That Feeling of Despondency Your King Reigns Let’s Talk Power The Power of Your Prayer The Power of Your Witness The Change You’re Looking For My Children, My Family The Power of Your Sacrifice The Howling Storm God has a Church For You Protection When You Need It Revenge Ain’t So Sweet Go and Be Who God Made You to Be Powerful Prayer Mountain-Moving Faith The Intimacy of Prayer Keep Your Ears Open Keeping On Keeping On God’s Love Letter to You The Power of God’s Word You’ll Starve Without It Open Heart Surgery His Light for Your Path A Stunning New Life for You Learning to Put Others First Your Life is No Longer All About Winning You’re Not a Loser A Stunning New Life for You Generosity Was Always God’s Idea God Isn’t Interested in How Much You Give Your Heart and Your Wallet A Heart to Give Note to Self Victim or Victor? Meet the Geek Living with Jetlag Stick to What You’re Good At The Crazy Mother Politically Correct Good News for the Poor Release to the Captives Sight for the Blind Freedom for the Oppressed The Year of the Lord’s Favour The Boundaries of the Heart Come, Discover My Mercy Are You Out of Your Mind? I Have Saved You By My Grace Is the Truth Up for Grabs? Your Slate is Wiped Clean Anything Goes Your Past is Irrelevant Workaholic Yes, You Will Make Some Mistakes Boundaries in Your Marriage Setting Boundaries with Your Children Don’t Fret Over the Bad Guys Expand My Territory Don’t Put Your Best Foot Forward Your Mighty Hand Upon Me Keep Me From Evil Completely Out of Our League Life-Giving Rain The Power to be Holy Crushed in Spirit Up and Down and Round and Round The End of the Line It’s Time to Get Off the Merry–Go–Round The Getting of Wisdom Holy Spirit Power The Mighty Word of God Setting Boundaries Around Your Love Resurrection Power You Need More than Aspirin Pride and Prejudice Pre-emptive Prayer Forgive and Forget The Dog with Two Masters Yes, You Have a Part to Play God’s Plan for Your Life God’s Family A Timely Reminder Your Own Personal Wilderness Tour Suffering is Part of the Plan Don’t Give Up Don’t Stress, Cry Out to God I Shall Not Be Moved God is Faithful The End of the Runway No, You Can’t Do it Alone Sure, Some Days Will be Scary A Fresh, New Beginning The Fourth of July Never Alone Surrounded by Angels A Boundary to Generosity God’s Spirit is In You A Stupid Thing to Do Peace, Man Come, Step Out of the Boat Separation and Divorce De Facto Relationships

Don’t Fret Over the Bad Guys

God's Word Fresh 4 U Today, Season 2019 Episode 987.
Berni Dymet has an inspiring and on-point message each day - fresh from God's timeless Word for today's busy world.
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