Maranga Aotearoa

Maranga Aotearoa

Maranga Aotearoa is a national Christian conference, hosted by Ap. Norm McLeod and House of Breakthrough, Tairāwhiti.
Recorded July 2021.
The Maranga Hui kaupapa is not a new kaupapa, neither is it something confined just to us in Tairāwhiti. It is not just a Māori kaupapa, it embraces Pakeha, Pasifika and all Toa Iwi. At this time we feel Wairua Tapu is calling a gathering of Māori Apostles and Prophets to form a kingdom alliance in order to serve Ihu Karaiti, each other and our people in a unified way not seen before. The future of our Māori nation is dependent on leaders who are willing to work together in humility, unity, synergy and strategy. This is a heavenly kaupapa and cannot be hijacked by human or church politics or personal agendas. We feel God wants to begin to form a biblical 5 fold leadership alliance among Māori , starting at this Hui. It cannot be led by one man, one church, one group or it will fail. However, it can be led by a collective alliance that are of one mind, one heart and one voice for God and for our people. Kotahitanga has been in the heart of God for our nation since creation, Maranga is simply a gathering to help facilitate this for the kingdom of God and our common good.

Maranga Aotearoa
  • Maranga Aotearoa - Mini-Series

    1 season

    3 Part Mini Series. 1st episode available Sunday 31st October. Maranga is about the collective alliancing of bi-cultural and multi-cultural unity within the Body of Christ and arising to that. Maranga Aotearoa is a gathering of Maori, Pasifika and Pakeha church leaders - coming together to see an...

  • Introduction to Maranga Aotearoa

    Nau mai, haere mai ki Maranga. Wecome to Maranga.
    Highlights of Maranga Aotearoa 2021.

  • Powhiri: Maranga Aotearoa

    Tangata whenua, House of Breakthrough Tairāwhiti, powhiri (welcome) on manuhiri (visitors) for Maranga Aotearoa National Christian Conference 2021.

  • Key Sessions & Guest Speakers - Maranga Aotearoa

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    Key sessions and guest speakers from Maranga Aotearoa National Christian Conference, 2021.
    Recorded at House of Breakthrough, Tairāwhiti.
    Full conference sessions and coverage at

  • Highlights & Extras - Maranga Aotearoa

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    Experience Maranga Aotearoa with highlights and extras from this 2021 National Christian Conference.
    Hosted by Ap. Norm McLeod and House of Breakthrough, Tairāwhiti.
    Full conference sessions and coverage at
    Recorded July 2021.

  • Backstage Pass & Interviews - Maranga Aotearoa

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    Backstage interviews with Maranga Aotearoa guests and speakers.
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  • NIGHT ONE: Ap. Norm McLeod

    Opening Session, Maranga Aotearoa 2021, with Ap, Norm McLeod.

  • NIGHT TWO: Ap. Norm McLeod

    Ap. Norm McLeod shares a word of encouragement on the closing night of Maranga Aotearoa.
    Recorded at Maranga Aotearoa, July 2021 at House of Breakthrough Church, Tairāwhiti.

  • CLOSING SESSION - Ps. Tawhiri Littlejohn

    Ps. Tawhiri Littlejohn (Ngāti Whātua Te Uri-o-Hau) of Kaiwaka Revival Church shares at Maranga Aotearoa.
    Recorded at House of Breakthrough, Tairāwhiti.