New Zealand & Beyond Conference 2023

New Zealand & Beyond Conference 2023

All main sessions available here. NZ & Beyond is all about gathering our communities and families together for corporate worship and hearing the word of God together. Hosted by Church Unlimited in Auckland. On our own really it's very limited what we can do. God's plan to bring the body of Christ together. Imagine the body of Christ - denominations, churches - uniting together. Our impact in this nation could be absolutely phenomenal. Because when God's people start to come together, it's the seedbed of revival.

Special guest speakers this year include Russell Evans, Tak Bhana, Jodi Tolley & David Hall. "I don't believe that God is going to give revival to one church or one denomination, He is going to give it to THE Church. Together, united, we will be stronger, and I believe we can turn this nation to Jesus." Tak Bhana. Visit for details of this event.

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New Zealand & Beyond Conference 2023

    In the final night of New Zealand & Beyond Conference David Hall was full of humour and more importantly the Holy Spirit. Titled The Message of Pentecost, David goes through the book of Acts highlighting how all the writers & Mary were baptised in the Holy Spirit.


    Russell Evans speaks on the impact of having a real hunger for God.

  • SESSION 4 - Russell Evans

    In this impactful session Russell Evans uses rugby analogies and draws from the book of Psalms. Touch, Engage, Push. We need to be a people who pray, praise and partner till something happens. This message will encourage you to persist in spiritual practices and see breakthrough in your life.

  • SESSION 3 - Tak Bhana

    In this session Tak tackles the issue of moral decline and our church communities being not so much persecuted, but seduced. He has a fresh calling out to us to be set apart for God.

  • SESSON 2 - David Hall

    In session 2 of New Zealand & Beyond David Hall speaks on revival in unlikely places.

  • SESSION 1 - Tak Bhana

    1st session of New Zealand & Beyond kicks off with a hope and passion fueled message of revival for our country.

  • Tak Bhana Interview

    Cathy & Peter are joined by the mover and shaker of this conference Tak Bhana. Tak shares more about his passion and discipline for prayer and the expectation of God moving mightily in our nation.

  • Don McDonnell Interview

    An incredibly healing testimony from Don McDonnell, pastor of Inspire Church. From quadriplegic and told he'd never walk again to testifying the power of God in his life to healing, Don is a man passionate about the power of prayer.

  • Jodi Tolley Interview

    Church Unlimited campus pastor Jodi Tolley talks about the increasing hunger of God in the church. Like her father Tak she is passionate about prayer and the kingdom coming.

  • Ps Sam Tolley Interview

  • Russell Evans Interview

    Cathy and Peter have a catch up with Russell Evans from Planetshakers Church.

  • David Hall Interview

    Peter Shaw and Cathy Jenke grabs a few minutes with guest speaker David Hall - Lead Pastor of Lifepoint Church, Adelaide.

  • Kristy-Lee Interview

  • Matt Buchanen Interview

  • Julia Reynolds Interview

    An important part of this conference is the children's ministry. Children's pastor Julia Reynolds steps out of duties to talk Cathy and Peter about raising the next generation.

  • Hip Hop crew

    This local Hip Hop crew take over the stage to kick off the final night of this conference/

  • Samoan Group

    Introducing the Friday night session we have the Samoan Group bringing their blend of rhythm.

  • NZ & Beyond Conference from Thursday 23rd March, 7pm

    New Zealand & Beyond starting Thursday 23rd March, 7pm. Join us LIVE here on Shine TV.

    "What I love about this conference is you don't see a movement promoted, you don't see a man promoted, but you see a mission see a nation touched. And I do believe that this conference has the s...