Send your prayer to the wall...

If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

Emma K says,

Please pray for my son Tarumoana to have a clear understanding with his life goals and plans in his job search and to be patience in his daily life.Also to pray for his Nena Julian for good health.

Pastor Thieringo says,

Prayer request: Success chance miracles for pastor Thiebestro. Thank you

Colleen M Kelly says,

For my Cousin, May she always be as giving and loving of her family as she is to me. when i am so sick. AMEN

Rachel says,

Please pray for my son who is in with the wrong crowd and I believe is doing drugs. Pray for his deliverance

patricia janay says,

godly favor have cottage for peace mind lord provision safety and blessings flow .we not homeless sudden . glory gpd .

Alicia Boyd says,

Please pray for me for finances and a miracle

Jeremiah says,

I would like to play I the NBA for My dream job

Seena says,

Please pray for my son to pass his B.E exam after revaluation. It was not easy for him.

Angela Hughes says,

Please pray for my husband James the he would be the spiritual leader, provider and protector of our family. Pray that he puts the Lord first and listen to Jesus. That he would put the Lord first in our finances and honor our marriage. Pray that the

Lee says,

Please pray for rain in Nelson. In Jesus name.

Rosanna says,

I want our family restored me my partner and my daughter and I want my partner saved

Rosanna says,

I want our family restored me my parter and our daughter and partner saved

nicholas james says,

have broken concrite heart.and pray god heal heart soften him

Tommy says,

hello i struggles with dreams of lust for a while. please pray for me.

Le Marianni says,

God Please hear my prayers for I have no where to turn I believe in you and I pray for Eric with all my heart, I pray you help us strengthen our hearts, I pray everyday because I believe live never fails thank you Jesus I pray for Eric cuben Al

Ofa says,

I have vertigo, please pray for my healing, thank you.

JOHN says,

Please Pray that I be healed of Isolation and associated Mental and emotional problems. Lead me to genuine support and friendship thats real

nicholas says,

have heart sorry and forgiving

Mum says,

For our son though the enemyโ€™s plain is to rob steal and distroy we the body of Christ trust in the name of the lord. And access into his home for my granddaughter wheelchair .

Alicia says,

Please pray for my marriage and family for restoration and unity

Terry says,

Please pray for my well being, my life and my children. May new and excepting love come into my life may and may Supernatural healing occur

Janet Teepa says,

I prayer for our leaders in new Zealand our mum and dads and families for strength clear mind and hearts and our leadres within all chuched in the of jesus i prayer amen

Gary Barnfather says,

Kia Oa whanau...Im struggling at present to secure employment Im 60 yrs of age and it seems my age is a barrier whanau a prayer please to help me in breaking down this wall in Jesus name

Sarah says,

I pray for spiritual encouragement for my husband & children. I give thanks for all that I have & for providing all that we need. I pray for those less fortunate than myself. Please help the poor ๐Ÿ’š

nicholas says,

have dream about us and return home prodigal

Lee says,

Please pray for more helpers at Just Life Community meal in Palmerston North for Savations and healings to happen. Thank you!!

Terry says,

Please give me the strength to move on ๐Ÿ˜ข and health to be good mental and physical

anonymous says, says,

Please pray for those who have addictions, whether its Drugs, Smoking and Porn or whatever it is. Please pray for those who have addictions, like me. Thank you.

Rob says,

I have a wound which is not healing

Terry says,

Please give me the strength to move on ๐Ÿ˜ข

nicholas says,


Terry says,

Please pray for my mental health, PTSD, low mood will be supernaturally removed and healed. And move into happiness.

plz decree pray says,

nicholas find forgiveness in heart.and towards mother and others prison hurt him

Atama Waitere says,

Please pray and believe with us for financial breakthrough for building our family home thank you so much. From Daddy Atama, Mummy Amy, 4 year old Emanuera (son), & 20 month old Ataahua (Daughter). GB

Asenath Fisher says,

Please pray for my little niece Mia whose been having fever on off since Thursday .Thanks so much and God bless.

Giil says,

Please heal our little grandson from bowel troubles .

Gillian Ball says,

Please can you ask your churches to pray together for Zimbabwe , in Africa , strangely not reported on . There are widespread riots and citizens are being shot , beaten , impr risoned and raped .

Annlyn says,

Please pray for my daughter that she will be raised from her current situation and brought into Godโ€™s marvellous light

Kellie says,

Please pray for the courage to keep going. The strength to keep standing and the direction to help begin my journey. Please pray that there really is light ag the end of tunnel.

Leanne says,

Please pray for my friend Christine that her neighboursi in Palmerston North wil stop playing music all night and drurgs will stop

debb says,

please say a prayer for health. a tooth I had a crown on has become painful the last day or so. please pray I know what to do, thank you for any prayers really appreciate it

Phliemo Prospere says,

Prayers for strength guidance courage support encouragement and healing and faith and trust and forgiveness and and change of heart lord and give me the strength oh lord to love .

Alicia Boyd says,

Please pray for approval of a home and financial provision

T says,

Lead me guide me, walk beside me, help me lead the way Thank you

Brenda Graham says,

I would like prayer for deliverance from the place I currently live & for God to lead me to a new place in whatever form that may be! Thankyou

Annie ( Ani ) says,

Plz pray for Salvation & healing for my friend Cheryl 1 week in hospital tests show white cells in prancreas, blood transfusions not working Strong meds making dizzy, fed through nose. Thank you

Martie Gray says,

Please pray for my two boys, Kobus Retief and Gideon Retief that they may become Jesus followers. May Jesus lead and guide them into a special relationship with Him. Amen.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

T says,

May Supernatural change occur in my life and family and forgiveness prevail please Thank you

Karl says,

Please pray for my cancer for complete healing so I can continue to look after my youngest child Caleb also to minister to my older children. I love God, his kingdom and his people. Thank you.

Peter Harris says,

Lord I pray for my Aunty Andrea Frost I pray that her cancer be removed from her body please LORD if this be the will of the FATHER please let it be so . LORD I pray for your guidance in my life Lord