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If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

Sarah says,

Please pray for my daughters wellness, health & wellbeing, confidence & self esteem. Pray that with Gods abundant love & compassion, she can accomplish anything. In Jesus name, Amen.

Sarah says,

Please pray for my sister who is sick & unwell. Ask God to give her strength and comfort and restore her to good health. Thank you God for your love and many blessings, in Jesus name, Amen.

Sarah says,

Please pray for my sister who is unwell and feeling poorly. May God give her strength and comfort and restore her health. Thank you God for your love and many blessings. In Jesus name, Amen

Pray says,

Please pray for Nilu so that she finds a good God loving man in her life. Bless you.

Raj says,

Please pray for brother Vie so that he gets employment to support his family. Thank you and God bless

Raj says,

Please pray for my wife to stop her bad habit of smoking as we are trying to have a baby. pray for strength and wisdom for her please.

Vena says,

Please pray for my sister Reshma who had surgery today for stomach cyst . Pray for fast and full recovery and strengthening in the Lord. Thank you.

RL says,

Please pray for my uncle suntit who has chest pains and is on medication. thank you and Glod bless you as you pray for us.

Lal says,

5yr old Hazel born with spinal muscular atrophy. she is in wheelchair and on tube feed. please pray for Gods grace on her and for Gods work to be displayed in her.

Nga Bhan says,

Heavenly Father you are my strength my hope my faith and I believe in you watch over Me my Husband my 2 kids and my 2 kitten in Jesus name Amen. Glory Be to God.

bruce says,

I want to stop looking at porn

susan tenboom says,

plse pray for my husband geert that he will come back to church and healing of past

sarah price says,

a godly man for hushband for a godly man to marry in her life

susan tenboom says,

hlealing for grief loss of friend yesterday 9 4 2018

Raj says,

Pray for my dad please that he doesnt drink when he goes out. He is over 70 and drinks and drives endangering himself as well as others

Joy says: says,

Please pray for my younger sister- believing that her heart murmurs will be gone in Jesus name!! GOD IS GOOD AND HE WILL PROVIDE!!! Please pray her heart scan is free from disease!!

Prakashni says,

Please pray for my friend Maria that she gets some direction in her life from God.

Nga Bhan says,

Heavenly Father I thank for your love and kindness watch over my family husband myself and our two kids Teremoana and Paul and protect my family in Jesus name Amen

Nga says,

Pray for our new home that soon we will move in to one God with your blessing you will always journey with me my husband to get our Achieves our Goal. We love you my God .

Nga Bhan says,

Praise God for renewing my Life also for giving me Beautiful Heart Glory be to God thank you God for walking with me on the Journey when I had my Big Heart operation I trust in God .

Karen says,

Praise be to God. Prayer answered for job for husband and also while the dire surrounded our sons home in Australia his home was spared and they lost nothing. To God be the Glory .

Ken Flett says,

I need prayers for my fiancee in the Philippines. We were engaged last May in the Philippines. We need prayers that her visa to here in Aug will be granted. Twice declined. We are going to marry here

Beverly says,

Pray for my two grown children that they may know the saving touch of the Lord.

Becky says,

Please pray I have pain in my right calf and can’t go to dr until next week. This is scary for me. Thank you.

Suleman Gill says,

please pray for the restoration of my relationship with my girlfriend after 3 years she has left me, i love her to death and i want to marry her please pray for her come back and growth in our love..

Rene says,

Please pray for the young adults trying to get jobs Especially those feeling stuck and helpless

Steven says,

Please pray for my 7 year old son who has been sick for the past 2 months with unexplained constant chest, neck, back and whole body pains and headache. And also sore throat and ear aches. Thank you

Aman says,

Aman is a young man in his 30s with a young family. He had a stroke last month and parents died last year. Needs healing prayer physically and mentally. Thank you

Rhonda says,

Please pray for healing for Melissa who has complications with her duodenum and gall bladder post chemo and bone marrow transplant for lymphoma. Bless her body with the freedom of this disease.

Karen says,

Please pray for Jacks healing. He has been having bad spells which they are not sure what it is (liver readings not good though). he feels very sick and is unable to do anything. Please pray.

Jaemie says,

Pray for healing over my nana as she recovers from pneumonia. Take away the irritating cough that ails her. In Jesus name! Amen.

Jaemie says,

Please pray for my cousins Jessica and Tuari in their journey to conceive a child. I pray for the healing of Jess Polycystic Ovaries. Restore her health and bless them with a child. In Jesus name.

Jaemie says,

Please pray for the eradication of drugs in Tokoroa and New Zealand. Rid people from this addiction and enable people to stand against the power of this addiction. In Jesus name - Amen.

Mercy Gates says,

Please pray for our church to work through the power of the holyspirit and not the workings of mans selfish desires. We need discernment and guidance.

Aman says,

Please open your heart in prayer for a young 35yr old man who suffered a stroke. His parents died last year and his wife left him and he has a young son. He was on drugs for a while due to his losses

Emily says,

Please pray for my husband to come back to the church and our marriage. For the people who’ve influenced him and have a hold that the blindfold may be removed so that he may see God’s desire for him.

naomi busby says,

Dear lord i prey father for a move and find of a place just for my lil one and me..hopeful this you lord.amen

Friend. says,

Please pray for a friend of mine, her name Amantha, drugs and prostitute had stolen her away from us, I share Jesus with her when I can we miss her.

Raj says,

Please pray for my brother Ron and his wife Rachel. They have been trying for children for years. Also Rachel is not a believer so she needs to know Christ. Thank you and may God bless you as you pray

Darren Cox says,

I need prayer that god will make the sweling go down on a body part and the sweling need to stay down

Seema says,

Praying for my health and weight loss and motivation to push on through . Also that my lungs would clear . And a good no judgemental church to worship in that’s inclusive of all humans !

Leanne says,

please pray for a man called Kerry in Palmerston north. he has a anger and jealousy prob. he needs to have an enconter with God. not a christain. his girlfriend is expecting their baby next month.

Anonymous says,

Pls pray for my husband, I don’t want to lose him. He’s the love of my life. He refuses to let the past go but I’m not the same person anymore 😕 it breaks my heart wen we fight and I feel scared 😕

Julia P says,

Please stand in prayer with me against Anxiety attacks. Family fragmentation with my children through unforgivingness, drug and alcohol addiction

Colleen says,

I need prayer, l have been addicted to shoplifting for over 8 years and am now getting the help l need to stop this. I am currently 12 days into freedom but triggers are always present.

Alan says,

Please pray for Malcolm. Has Lung disease. Stage 4. Has very short time to live. PEACE with his MAKER & Salvation. Please Pray for son Jamie travelling South America. Belize. Protection & Salvation.

Maria says,

Please pray that I achieve my ultimate financial goal in 2018 so I can help so many in need around me.My heart aches to say know to help because I luck money even those in ill health.Amen

Jaycee says,

Please pray for healing from alcoholism and renewal of mind for my friends mum who attempted suicide today.

Hope says,

Plse pray for healing & until the right support & care, to trust God more, for His wisdom, &to know Gods love & peace surrounding me

Our Community says,

Father we thank you for the prayer wall that you have set up.We thank you for Rhema &shine tv that Out of them will flow living waters of life.