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If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

Amy says,

Please pray for my daughter Charlotte, she has had a tummy ache for 3 days and I am so worried about her.

Terry says,

Super natural healing upon me, my family, and all that need it right in the now

Sue says,

I have a recurrence of cancer in my stomach after recovering from the initial diagnosis, surgery and chemo in August 2017. My faith is strong. can you pray for me please.

Martin says,

Please pray for my friends addiction to pornography, to receive help and support against these issues, and for him to know the love of Jesus Christ

Maryanne says,

ThankYou for your Prayers for a successful financial outcome for my tenancy tribunal applications. That I will be able to move out from where I am to where God wants me to be. Amen

Mum says,

Desperate for breakthrough for disfunctional daughter in law who has turned against us again & turned our son against us & our family.Dont understand.Hurts so bad,am so sad.Heal & reunite please Jesus

Olivia says,

Please pray for my Mother Helen, she has breast cancer and it has spread to other areas including her spine and neck! There is a war in the heavenlies over her life, please declare victory& healing.

Melina says,

Please pray for me and my husband. He is addicted to alcohol and I want our marriage to thrive but I do not want to share him any longer with this substance. Please God, help us to see the way.

Esah says,

Need a miracle healing prayer gor my sister Justina She has s terminal case breast cancer and my husband Glen a colon cancer. Thank you.

Sepi says,

Please pray for my partner Josh and I to find the right Church to get married in, and to get married before God and our loved ones.

Narina says,

I have skin cancers on my face, have treated them with efudix cream for 3 weeks and still there, please pray that God will take them away and heal my skin.

Anwar ali says,

Pray for healing of my cancer

Anonymous says,

Please pray that my aunty leah back pain is healed and that she wil no longer suffer with it in pain and agony as she has 2 active young boys. Please pray for strength,peace and comfort. Amen

Tracey Anne Toth says,

Healing from Celiac Disease.

Tracey Anne Toth says,

Healing from Tinitus and hearing loss.

anonymous says,

please pray that my daughter will be allowed to come for good, that Jesus will open the judges eyes too allow this too happen, with the right supports in place.

Terry says,

Please pray that me and my family will have a supernatural healing, and guidance.

Carol says,

Please pray for my niece and her 3 brothers and mother some who are heavily into drugs and others who are suffering greatly for living in that situation. May God have mercy and intervene set them free

Diane says,

Please pray for my young grandson who is suffering from fear and anxiety caused through family trauma. Please pray that God will deliver him from fear and heal his wounded heart and know Gods peace.

Bruce says,

Please pray for my honorary adopted daughter who has been under attack since she has given her testimony

Aundrea says,

My boyfriend and I had a great relationship. He was a new Christian that was growing, it was incredible what god was doing. But he has a dysfunctional family and a bad past with his dad, he has issues that he is seeking help from professional counsel

Lily says,

For a sense of direction of what to do next and to receive the right treatment I need

Anonymous says,

I need prayer because I tend to be too deep in relationships that put men off

Anonymous w says,

Breakthroughs with my son jack ,

Anonymous says,

I need prayer for a major job breakthrough

R says,

God help me over a breakup reconcile if possible if not help me get on with life

Dominique grant says,

Prayer for a miracle for my sister who is suffering from chronic pain for 20 years and the last 2 months has been at its worst. She is really struggling in every way possible. Prayers would be amazing

T B says,

Please pray for my repetitive thoughts, anxiety and mental health issues that I may have clarity and guidance. Thank you God

J. says,

Lord I lift our daughter in law Melissa to you. We always include her, & pour out love to her & our Grandchildren. We dont understand why she avoids us & criticises our family constantly! Pls help IJN

T B says,

Please pray that I can move on from my x gf, I try so hard to please her win her back after 13 years together, its so hard, and she does not want me back :-(

Terry says,

Lord Im tired of being alone, please bring me love.tired of being depressed and negative. Help me reach my higher self, to have clearity of where you want me to go, please carry on healing me & us.

Felicity Sneddon says,

I am a Home based Educarer and I am needing some hours of work ssap

Gary Wills says,

pray for a friend that she will get the support she needs. Surround her with the right people to comfort and support her.

T B says,

I ask that you will heal my employer that her anger will stop towards us team members please that she will be calmer, relaxed and inspiring.

Terry b says,

I ask please that my brain will rewire and work properly, that I might talk more, and ill be restored , that anxiety will no longer be present in my life Thank you Jesus

J says,

Please help R to get better mentally & to not shut G out...he needs to know whats happening & support her. Restore Lord. Dont let her loose her home & assets to those 2 thieves. Favor I pray InJesus N

Terry says,

I ask lord that you will end slavery with in the next 20 earth years please And end homelessness in NZ and the world. Please heal the world and make it a better place. That people will be kinder

Anonymous says,

Please please help us dear Lord in these family situations of ours that you already know about. Restoration, peace & respect & healing in those specific areas that hurt & need your help so much Lord.

Tracey Anne Toth says,

Hearing for ringing in the ear and no more hearing loss complete whole ears

Raj says,

I pray to bless you Lord and for us to realise we are seated at your right hand in Christ in heaven. Ephesians 2.6. This position gives us power to change our condition and circumstances.

Terry says,

Heavenly father I also ask that I would be luckier in this life, so I may bless the people around me and my family. Amen

T B says,

Thank you god for so much And I ask that you will soften the hearts of all my family toward one another. And restore all our relationships

Paula says,

Please can you pray for my Mum and I for healing. I have M.S., which has destroyed my life and Mum has major back problems. I believe in healing, please can you agree with me for us. Thank you.

ludovic sarraz-b says,

sorry to ask you again THANKS FOR YOUR HELP please pray jesus for me to be luckier in life and to give me more success also pray god for my friends named oksana nastia and ioulia in kiev

Pastor Thieringo says,

Compasion life mercy of Jesus, grace of God, protection againts thieves, protection againts pers├ęcutions, protection prosperity miracles wisdom freedom chance success healty blessings ; in Jesus name

Terry says,

Please deliver me Please release me Please save my relationship Please soften the hearts of all I have hurt Let forgivness flow Please help me to also forgive myself Heal my mental health

kathy says,

Can you please pray for Kathy for a swollen uvula, and to help son getting out of the house more and making more friends and getting a job.

anon says,

please pray for healing for long term colorectal problems. Thank you.

Terry B says,

Thank you god for my second chance. Please help with repetitive thoughts, suffering of my past errors and please bless the have nots that the govt will step up.

Anon says,

Please everyone help me pray for my friend with a meth drug and gambling addiction.thank you