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If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

Rob says,

Please pray that the malicious perverts in Work & Income will cease harrassing me and my family just because they can.

Christa says,

Please pray that the pain of my left knee and tooth gum will go. Thank you very much.

enormous says,

Please pray for my shoulder and knee, and my overall health.. i believe i will be healed in Jesus name.

Leone says,

Please pray for me to not to have the operation

Carmel says,

Kindly pray for this young man Abey to find a job. Since so many years he is applying for jobs. Please keep praying till he finds a job.Thanks so much.

Susan Francis says,

Pray for Abraham job please.

Ash says,

Please pray for child. He has small lump at the back of his ear.we believe miracle healing for him. I believe in God who is our Jahovah rapha

Tracey says,

Healing for my brother - a multiple stroke survivor who is disabled and struggles with anxiety and depression

Teresa says,

Please pray for my family: My husband needs a pastoral job, out of Auckland We need to vacate our rental by 20/12 We want our 2 little girls back. These are miracles only God can do. Thanks, bless yo

Scott W says,

I have been having epileptic fits. Please pray

Maize Kanivatoa says,

Pray for my son in oz to find a job and a godly women Thankyou

Maize Kanivatoa says,

Please pray for my children Jaydene Lyrik Zenith.. Lucy Sam Denzel Codilee Soane Shawn Manuel Maila Montell Keri Wayne

Maize Kanivatoa says,

Maize says Please pray for my daughter Jaydene Who finds it hard to drink 1.5 a day Thankyou

Maize Kanivatoa says,

My daughter had a brain bleed, could yous pray that she drinks water 1.5 everyday. We struggle with her. The part if of brain that was damage by the bleed has effected the part to regulate the salt.

Marie says,

urgently need permanent housing. pray for temp accommodation to continue thank you

Alicia says,

Please pray for my husband he needs a miracle job. Thankyou

Maree says,

I really need hope and direction to move from where I am living. and was really let down and I feel I can,t truely move on but where to is the question. Also need a new car and finances. Ty

mum says,

please pray for summer to come to the lord and for her to be set free from stress and for god to pour his love over her in a way that she would know him.

monica says,

ple pray Monica she is in the hospital and might have to be operated on, she has a weak heart and lungs. please stand with me for full healing in Jesus

gail says,

my mum Gail, got told from the doctor her liver was in failure she does had other body complaints can you please pray for healing and to be restored back to health and to find Jesus and trust him

Joseph Althen says,

Please pray for my brother Peter, he has been talking about taking his own life. He could really use a miracle about now!

Daniel says,

My friend has Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome.. pots for short its an incurable syndrome that stops her from being able to stand or move for long without passing out please pray to heel her

naomi says,

I prey for my 2 sons family who have lost a Unkle who was a humble nd respected man to his family of all.prey lord father that you can hold nd embrace them while they are going through this.amen

naomi busby says,

Dear lord I prey for my family my two boys my two year orey lord father nd thank you for the many blessings you give us.prey that you can watch over us today as we go about our day.amen

Confidential says,

Seeking prayer for health, healing, encouragement, protection and financial blessings for my struggling family

Brian says,

Please pray for God’s blessing and favour on Russell – that God stops his brain seizures, enables MRI scanning & shrinks his tumour. That Russell’s physicians receive Holy Spirit insight & wisdom, that God enhances & guides their skills.

Confidential says,

Please pray for my son who has false accusations made against him. The matter is know under police investigation. Pray that the hl Spirit will bring conviction and that the truth will be revealed .

JA Dickson says,

For healing and safety and reuniting of my fragmented family

Nicholas says,

Hi I need prayer for overall breakthrough, baptism of the Holy Spirit and dreams as well as visions. Thanks for praying, God Bless :)

Joycinda says,

Hi, i am Joycinda and i am 11 years old and i would love if you could please pray for my friends that they will come to know our Savior Jesus Christ for what they are facing in this time thank you

Aimee says,

That my daughter would get full custody of her 6 young children. Their father died and they are now in imminent danger of being put into state care, they need to grieve as a family and move on.

Jonathan Tuhuua says,

Im gona make a prayer. To my lord. I need to heal for the place. To make a right decision for myself. Stand in right place. Stand by you lord. I know I have mad bad choice in the pass. Jesus name amen

Darren cox says,

I need prayer I have swelling on a body part than need to go down

Marie says,

Please pray for financial miracle to buy a home. I rather pay off a mortgage than renting. Mark 10:27 “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.”

Adriana says,

Hi. My name is Adriana. I would like to ask you to please pray for me. I have been mentally ill for years and I am really struggling. Please pray for me, it would mean so much. Thank you.

aimee says,

Please pray. My friend suffers pain in her body & doesnt sleep well. She gets very little money and is not eating properly because she cant afford to. She has been getting dizzy a lot because of this.

annette says,

help my son start working, finding right girl in his life, they are happy and prosperous life together. help my business do well, struggling with failure, worry, cannot take this pressure anymore help

HD says,

Please pray for our marraige. Have been together for 40 years & in serious trouble. Need to feel the Lords guidance. Thank you

Patty says,

Please pray for ongoing work issues..for right work for me, provision, complete healing from trauma. Thank you.

dipal says,

Please pray for my health. I have gastritis that happens on and off.. Its causes short of breath and abdominal pains.. I believe lord will heal me.. Please pray that i get well soon. Thanks

Tracey says,

For my partner to believe in God, understand what he can do for us and know how great his love and saving grace is. For the sake of our relationship and the future of our children and their children.

Tracey says,

Please pray for healing for me, my children and grandchildren so that we may know and love god with all our hearts

Lawrence Solomon says,

Please pray with us for Immigration to approve our family visas - wife, 2 sons (7yo & 12yo) and myself so we can remain in NZ. God has brought us here and we are blessed because of Him. Thank you.

Carol says,

Please pray for my daughter who has wanted to marry but has never been asked. She is middle age now so children will not be happening for her. She is very sad at having noone to share her life with.

lynette says,

please pray for my elderly friend who is tired, stressed and wants to move into a home as living by herself is just too much now

Leonie says,

Can you please pray for my oldest son Kristian to be healed and set free from a skin condition called eczema which he has suffered from for 9 years.

Sue says,

For the prowlers to stop knocking on my window and harassing me.

edward says,

please pray for my sister who is sick

Brenda Graham says,

For God to provide a place to buy in Pirongia within my budget! I am wanting to move out of my rental! Thanks

ETC says,

I will be having surgery to remove a bowel tumor on 14/9. Please pray that God will guide the surgeon and that all traces of malignant cells will be removed. Pray for complete healing and protection.