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If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

Huia Dargaville says,

My son Rhyker was born at 24weeks and not long after had a brain bleed on his right hand side. Please pray for complete healing of this and a full recovery.

nicholas says,

meet with god unlimited church men god tiuch life and heart and god give dreams us and v8sions and courtship begun between us for blood lamb word testimony .

Bronwyn Malaki says,

Please pray for me and my husband as we take on a new ministry as youth pastors praying that everything is done for him and only him and for his anointing upon us as leaders to feed the youth spiritua

Robyn says,

Hi, we have had to move towns, in need of prayer for a house, as we live in emergency housing,

Robyn Baker says,

Hi, we have just moved towns, in need of prayer for a house, we are living in a emergency housing,

Russ says,

Please pray for my over all health and mental, physical and mental wellbeing. Please also pray that my chains that bind me will be broken in Jesus name Amen

Nicola says,

Please pray my heart is once again softened and I would encounter you again. I need help to pick up my Bible again. God forever faithful and true.

Terry says,

I ask that the the spirit heal bless and restore myself and family, that pay increases will happen now.

Andrea says,

HI Team Plse can I request prayer.. I was made redundant from my admin position 10 months ago and havent found work. Our family home is up for sale as we have run out of money, used

Devi G says,

Salvation for my household

nicholas says,

our relationship courtship will blosom glory god blessings and enjoy each others company

Adrian says,

Please pray for me as I struggle with feeling emotionally insensitive to people. Help me to connect with others in a more meaningful way.

Matthew says,

Please pray that God will confirm the right person for me, and to show and or provide for me to meet with my girlfriend

Siva Fuimaono says,

Please I ask that you pray for me as I have Diabetes type2. I also have a flu bug that is infecting my chest.

Andrea says,

My children have parents who will be living in 2 different cities next year. Please pray for Gods will and openess to homeschooling from their Dad so they can see both parents often.

Cecilia says,

Lord please help me to see you. Help me to grow stronger in my relationship with Jesus.

Anita says,

That I wouldn’t feel so alone in my struggles. That people would understand mental health is real and not something to run from. Please Lord help.

Annoella Carvalh says,

Please pray for my intentions....permanent jobs for my husband and me to be able to apply for our permanent residence...for my son to finish his studies get a good job and learn to trust God.

Jilian says,

Fast & pray. Heavenly father forgive all our sins (me, daughter, husband). Deliver us from all devil’s chain. Father have mercy-grace on my daughter touch & heal her mind-body-soul completely YOU know. Father shower YOUR blessings of success-knowle

Bruce says,

Agatha is desperately praying that someone can sponser her 4yr old daughter they live in Uganda please help

Chris says,

Just thought to pass on to you.. it was thru "prayer line" that I first met the Lord.. many years ago now XXX

Chris says,

Please join with pray that my whanau will step into His mighty Salvation and will each step up and out for Him... thankyou so muchSAUZQ

Chris says,

Please join with pray that my whanau will step into His mighty Salvation and will each step up and out for Him... thankyou so muchSAUZQ

Moses Modise says,

I want to know Jesus

Corina says,

Please pray that God will speak to me in a way that I understand well abouta very important decision I need to make. Thank you!

nicholas says,

nicholas patricia god heal our relationship and jesus would heal.him nothing missing broken .communicate better .blessings .favor god unity.

Terry says,

I ask that everyone I work with and in my personal life would stop being mean to me

Mel says,

Please pray for my complete cure & healing of medical suffering & surgery recently, & the much needed sale of our home, God willing he has something of much positiveness in our near future Thank u

khayin- Mishaya says,

please father he truly deserves this house i do not know anyone more deserving than he i ask this in your holy name AMEN!!!!!!!

khayin- Mishaya says,

father God i ask that you bless my brother with the house he is applying for he is terminally ill and has 4 cats that he adores and needs to keep safe from harm he really likes this house

Ana says,

please pray for my marriage. My husband moved out and wants a divorce. Please pray that my husband finds God again, and that he finds who he is in

Sharon says,

Please pray for great health and provision

Rya n says,

Dear Lord, please in Your mercy heal this small child of his illness

John healing says,

Healing for John while in prison

Elijah Yeo says,

Suffers from leaking gut and has serious eczema

Arielyn Luo says,

Suffered from leaking gut and has serious eczema

nicholas says,

nicholas and patricia communicate friendship would blosom and god be in it hangout do things together fun paint draw and me and jesus spontaneous things together .

kathy says,

Hi my name is Kathy can you please pray and agree for me for possible acid reflux and sleep apnea to be gone in Jesus name

Chris Amis says,

Please pray that Chris Amis gets his assessment brought forward and needs a liver transplant asap...he is very Auckland many thanks

Yvonne Girmens says,

My Neighbour Annette list her Husband last week..please pray for her finance as she struggles Thanks

Petra Höchter says,

This is for my sister Petra diagnosed with Frontlap Dimentior. needs to find a suitable living accommodation asap.but long waiting list. . Unberable where she is now..please pray

Vicki says,

My nephew is in prison facing sentencing tomorrow. Please pray that he will be sent to the drug rehabilitation programme, and that he has the chance to turn his life around

Saurabh says,

Been long since I have no job. Praying to God to open doors in IT world either as Software developer or IT support.

natasha haereroa says,

Mum Natasha sister maioha stress fear following tapairu seizure

Victor says,

I injured my brain and can’t use my left side I know by Jesus stripes my brain is healed and my body made strong I will walk by the authority of the name of Jesus Christ amen

Gloria says,

Please pray for little Harvey who has just turned 5 years old but is in and out of Starship because of his asthma/respiratory problems. Please also pray for his family to love and know God. Thank you

T says,

Thank you for praying for my children who get sick often. I cannot work because i never know when i will get a call from the school. One has a diagnosis and we are struggling financially.

Mum says,

Pls join with me in praying for my teenagers, that they will have a REAL experience of The Lord in their lives. They are bucking against our faith.

khayin- Mishaya says,

for vision church to do well and prosper in all they do and for the town of westport to be released from all darkness

khayin- Mishaya says,

for jordan porter to always have god by his syd and for god to keep him safe ffrom any darkness and harm