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Shine presenters bring an informative look at all the happenings on Shine. Including guest interviews, topics of faith, culture and prayer response to community and current events.

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  • Filming an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, Jonathan Snyder | Shine Interview

    Witness to an awakening - Jonathan Snyder chats to Luke Weston about the powerful Outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Asbury College, Kentucky USA, and his mission to share ongoing revival through film.

  • Cambodian killing fields surviour, Sokreaksa Himm | Shine Interview

    Escaping the killing fields - As a teenager, Sokreaksa Himm survived the Khmer Rouge killing fields, but lost 13 whanau to the massacre. 'Reaksa joined Andrew Urquhart to share his journey from war to peace, loss to hope, revenge to forgiveness, and from hate to love.

  • Steiger International on sharing Biblical truths, David Pierce | Shine Interview

    Steiger International is well known for its counter-cultural approach to sharing solid Biblical truths. Fresh from mission in Ukraine, founder David Pierce shares how his zeal for spreading the Good News is as strong today as when he started 40 years ago.

  • Rallying the community to rise after Cyclone Gabrielle | Shine Interview

    In the northern Hawkes Bay town of Wairoa, Cyclone Gabrielle turned the river into a mighty torrent that divided the town, swamping some homes and leaving others untouched. Yet all stand equal - from the mayor to church leaders, townsfolk are rallying to help their community rise from the mire.

  • Cyclone Gabrielle: Gisborne Special

    A week after Cyclone Gabrielle swept through the North Island, aroha and hope is shining in Tairāwhiti. Meet the resilient townsfolk of Te Karaka, and the Gisborne church whānau who have flung open their doors and hearts to the lost and weary.

  • Making Faith Runs Deep, Karl Faase | Shine Interview

    Andrew Curtis talks to Karl Faase, Christian Communicator and CEO of Olive Tree Media about the challenges and rewards of making his Faith Runs Deep series, and Christianity in the western world today.

  • Providing for the vulnerable, Gianna House | Shine Interview

    Just over 2000 years ago, Mary and Joseph were running out of options, then found refuge in the stable of an inn. Today, vulnerable mothers facing their own pregnancies can find sanctuary and support at Gianna's Home. (0800 3675433 |

  • St Vincent de Paul Christian welfare agency | Shine Interview

    Jesus is the best gift – year in, year out. And what better way to give the Good News, than wrapped in service and support? Discover the history and the heart behind the Society of St Vincent de Paul, a Christian welfare agency reaching out to people in need.

  • The impact of Artificial Intelligence, Dr Chris Galloway | Shine Today

    Senior Researcher at Massey University Dr Chris Galloway has a fascinating chat with Andrew Curtis about the huge impact of Artificial Intelligence on our lives, addressing our fears and positive hopes – and our Christian viewpoint

  • A Kiwi in England - VERY REV. JO KELLY-MOORE

    Cathy Jenke catches up with the Kiwi dean of St Alban's Cathedral in England, where thousands have joined in daily commemorations for her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The Very Rev. Jo Kelly-Moore shares her insights as a Kiwi minister in England at this momentous time, and her testimony of ho...

  • Visiting every country, without flying! Thor Pedersen | Shine Today Interview

    Intrepid world traveler Tobjorn "Thor" Pedersen took a pit-stop on his 9-year journey to share some travel stories with Cathy Jenke, and explain how he's visiting every country on the planet... without catching a plane!

  • The Leprosy Mission, Executive Director Gillian Whitley | Shine Interview

    The Leprosy Mission NZ is a Christian charity that aims to transform the lives of people affected by leprosy and their communities. Peter and Cathy chat with Executive Director Gillian Whitley about the work that they do, raising funds and awareness for people affected by leprosy around the world...

  • Josh Baty on new play The Potential For Rain | Shine Interview

    Andrew Curtis talks to Josh Baty about his long-anticipated play - The Potential For Rain.

    The play runs from the 26th - 30th of April 2022, in Auckland. Tickets available for purchase here:

  • Elevate Christian Disability Trust | Shine Interview

    In the studio we have Kirsty Armitage, National Director of Elevate CDT and Manuele Teofilo the Social Media Coordinator taking to Andrew about the work they do in encouraging and equipping churches into meaningful and inclusive relationships with people of disabilities.

    For 40 years Elevate hav...

  • Mercy Ships: Launching Global Mercy | Shine Special

    Come on board the world's first purpose-built civilian hospital ship, MV Global Mercy. Join us for a virtual tour as we chat to ship chaplain, Dr Andrew Clark, and meet the special Kiwi volunteers who form a vital part of the international crew.

  • Hamish Thomson, Snr Pastor Abundant Life Centre | Shine Interview

    Davina West travels to Wellington and meets up with Hamish Thomson, Senior Pastor at Abundant Life Centre to chat about how his church is responding to the pandemic and the ongoing protests.

  • Bible Society's new Maori-English Bible | Shine Interview

    Bible Society has published a beautiful new diglot featuring the NRSV translation. Steve McRobie chats to Di Campbell about this bilingual taonga (treasure).

  • Author Karen McMillan shares her Breast Cancer journey | Shine Interview

    Kiwi author and breast cancer survivor Karen McMillan shares about her journey of faith and healing, and how she overcame the odds to help others. For her books, Unbreakable Spirit, and Everyday Strength, visit:

  • Technical guru Geoff shares best Cyber Security tips | Shine Today

    Hosts Davina and Luke reach out to our in-house technical guru Geoff to find out what families can do to be safe online and watch out for them phishers!

  • CBM's mission to treat preventable blindness in the Pacific | Shine Interview

    Nerida & Andrew chat to CBM (Christian Blind Mission) CEO, Murray Sheard, ahead of Miracles Day 2021, about the mission to treat preventable blindness among our Pacific neighbours.

  • Inspiring missionary couple Alex and Lisa Snary | Shine Interview

    Inspiring missionary couple Alex and Lisa Snary chat to Andrew about their adventures across the globe and heart for reaching vulnerable families. Now returned to their home country with their two children Monqtuya and Zachary, they help in their own community in South Auckland. Through a non pro...