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The Shortest Way Home

The Shortest Way Home: CS Lewis & Mere Christianity is an introductory review to Lewis's classic work on issues of faith and reason.

Doubt and disbelief live in the hearts of many people as they wrestle with the questions of good and evil and the existence of God. Those who embrace Christianity as a way of life must then learn how to live out their faith as a transformed individual in an imperfect and difficult world. But how is this accomplished?

 Viewers will find honest discussion and helpful insights for the tough questions asked by believers and skeptics alike, including how do we know right from wrong? If a good God made the world, why has it gone wrong? Why did God give us free will to choose to do good and evil? Is Christianity a bargain in which we are rewarded for doing good things and punished for doing bad things? Is it enough to believe in God without believing in Him personally? Can you believe Jesus was a good moral teacher but not the Saviour of the world?

Those who journey to the heart of Lewis's most famous apologetic work will find that the longest way round - the hard way of discipleship, of learning to truly love God and man - is the shortest, and only way home.

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