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The River Church

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The River Church in Pakuranga loves God, and loves people — and we believe that with God ALL THINGS are possible! Experience the reality of God’s presence in worship, and be inspired and empowered by great messages and ministry.

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The River Church
  • The River Church - 14 August 2022

    Episode 1

  • The River Church - 31 July 2022

    Episode 2

  • The River Church - 24 July 2022

    Episode 3

  • The River Church - 17 July 2022

    Episode 4

    We may not all have the radical testimony of Saul becoming Paul in the bible but we can all be used by God like Ananias. Pastor Annika shares four characteristics of this Unsung Hero.

  • The River Church - 10 July 2022

    Episode 5

    Ps Peter Morton brings the next part of our Unsung Heroes series, and highlights the faith of the thief on the cross. There's powerful keys for our lives in his short encounter with Jesus.

  • The River Church - 3 July 2022

    Episode 6

    Ps Symon Drake from Renew Church brings a powerful message about the three elements that need to be in our sharing of the gospel - our words, our actions and the demonstration of God's power.

  • The River Church - 26 June 2022

    Episode 7

  • The River Church - 12 June 2022

    Episode 8

    Jael was God's perfect person, perfectly prepared for the destiny God had for her. God is at work in and through each of our lives for our destiny and future.

  • The River Church - 5 June 2022

    Episode 9

    Ps Peter Morton brings the first of our 'Unsung Heroes' series looking at lesser-known Bible characters. The story of Jephthah shows us that our history doesn't have to set our destiny, but our history can impact our destiny if we don't deal with it well!

  • The River Church - 29 May 2022

    Episode 10

    Pastor Annika shares how to leave a visible and invisible legacy for your life.

  • The River Church - 22 May 2022

    Episode 11

    Our HISTORY does not establish our IDENTITY nor does it determine our DESTINY. Unlikely hero, Rahab, shows us how to live a redefined life

  • The River Church - 15 May 2022

    Episode 12

    Join Ps Lyall as he shares an extremely impactful message. Prepare to be challenged!

  • The River Church - 8 May 2022

    Episode 13

    Jesus steps into our lives to bring hope and change. No locked door or grave can keep Him out!

  • The River Church - 1 May 2022

    Episode 14

    When there is an intervention in someone's life, it's because that person is in need of help. But how many people who have had an intervention happen in their life actually knew they needed it? Let's explore with Ps Jennifer Spellman how important the intervention that Jesus performed for us, was.

  • The River Church - 24 April 2022

    Episode 15

    Ps Bijoy shares on how the love of God protects us and helps us to not entertain things that do not affirm God's love.

  • The River Church - 17 April 2022

    Episode 16

    Ps Wayne Peat from C3 Grow joins us today sharing his message "A Lightbulb Moment"

  • The River Church - 10 April 2022

    Episode 17

    Pastor Judy Dawson shares on the Ark of the Covenant where the Lord communicated to His people. We are made to hear His voice and to be led by the spirit of God.

  • The River Church - 3 April 2022

    Episode 18

    Ps Judy Dawson shares on the significance of the Altar of Incense and how it is applied to our prayer life and the importance of prayer.

  • The River Church - 27 March 2022

    Episode 19

    The lampstand in the tabernacle played the obvious purpose of bringing light into the Holy Place but there is a depth of symbolism and God's fingerprints in this seemingly simple object.

    Download companion guide at with fill in the blanks, scriptures and discussion questi...

  • The River Church - 20 March 2022

    Episode 20

    Are you being filled daily with God's sustenance?
    Find out how the symbolism of the Table of Showbread can encourage you to obtain it.

  • The River Church - 13 March 2022

    Episode 21

    Taking that next step in our Christian life requires surrender and transformation. How we live matters as our life is a message to the world around us.

  • The River Church - 6 March 2022

    Episode 22

    We are starting a new Series called ‘The Essentials’ today. This will take us on a journey through the Tabernacle and as we explore the different elements within the Tabernacle we will discover some great principles that we can apply to our own lives.

    In todays message called ‘Made New’ we lo...

  • The River Church - 27 February 2022

    Episode 23

    As we officially kick off for 2022, Ps Peter Morton shares a vision for what church can be based from Acts 2:42-49.

  • The River Church - 20 February 2022

    Episode 24

    As we officially kick off for 2022, Ps Peter Morton shares a vision for what church can be based from Acts 2:42-49.