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What it is to hear and know God’s voice – Episode 18

The Mum Show, Season 2 Episode 18.
In this episode the Mum Show hosts are joined by Liverpool one Church leader, Emma Bryant, to learn useful ways of guiding our children in hearing the voice of God. Learning to hear and respond to Holy Spirit is an important part of living out our Faith, yet when so many adults can find it a challenge, how can we even begin to guide our children? Jesus tells us to come to Him like children, and there is without a doubt a natural faith and ease for may children in connecting with Jesus. This week, the hosts look at how to make the most of this precious stage of life and stir into flames the gift of Faith, they consider some of the important habits that can help build a culture of hearing and Knowing Jesus and share stories of what has and hasn’t worked in their own parenting journey.
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