Three Chairs

Three Chairs

11 Episodes

Three Chairs is a talk show with a difference that celebrates the art of good conversation. This exciting new production from Shine TV features some of your favourite radio hosts plus a range of special guests. Our hosts grapple with topics including dating, phone addiction, parenting, and gender equality. Find out more about them when they answer some strange and personal questions interspersed with lots of laughs. Three Chairs will make you think and smile – all at the same time!

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Three Chairs
  • Gentlemen

    Episode 1

    Is it still important for men to behave like gentlemen? These guests may surprise you with their answers. Luke Weston is today's host, joined by Bjorn Brickell and Andrew Curtis.

  • Phone Addiction

    Episode 2

    Join Joy Ravela as she challenges Eloise Packham and Leanna Cooper about their phone addiction! How much do they depend on their phones? How do they model phone use to their family and friends? Their answers may surprise you!

  • Working Mum's

    Episode 3

    Being a working mum can be very difficult so today Cathy Jenke will find out more about two working mums:- Sharon Walls and Sara-Jane Elika with very different stories and interesting anecdotes.

  • How Much Stuff Do We Need?

    Episode 4

    In the era of living more simply we find out how important “stuff” is to guests, Julia Bloore and Di Campbell. Our host Andrew Curtis delves into the world of online shopping and giving stuff away!

  • Equality - Men vs Women

    Episode 5

    Equality is one subject that women and men have been fighting about for so long. Today Nerida Ashcroft is our host and she takes on Luke Weston and Lizzie Oakes who are fired up and ready for some good banter as they represent their sides of the coin

  • Dating - Should We do It?

    Episode 6

    Dating is one of those topics that many people disagree on. Let's see what happens when Sherryn Tai chats to Luke Weston and Julia Grace about their experiences and the impact of online dating today.

  • Church Now?

    Episode 7

    As a Pastors kid, our host Josh Baty has seen young people leave church as soon as they finish school. How do we stop this? – Perhaps Ps Jason Heale and Blessed Sola can help?

  • Home Sweet Home

    Episode 8

    Is owning a house still so important? What make a house a home? Andrew Curtis talks to Mike Cooney and Saskia Donnell who have two very different ideas.

  • Mental Health - Help!

    Episode 9

    Lizzie Oakes chats from the heart with Andrew Curtis and Julia Grace about mental health and some of the common triggers.

  • Pleased to Meat You

    Episode 10

    Leanna Cooper hosts a very surprising chat with Bjorn Brickell and Di Davenport whose daily diets are very different but find that their attitudes to food are quite similar!

  • Happy Families

    Episode 11

    Joy Ravela chats with Blessed Sola and Cathy Jenke about what makes families tick. Perhaps your family is just made up of the people you choose? Or does it have to be your relatives?