Be That

Ironically, in this era of Social Media, people are feeling more isolated and disconnected than ever. Groups like the team at ‘Be That’ are looking to change this, encouraging Australians to connect face to face and begin real conversations. ‘Be That’ has assembled a crew of Clinical Psychologists to develop relevant resources to encourage people to gather together and connect through intentional and empowering conversations. The Be That TV Show, created in partnership with ACCTV, shares the real stories of individuals, couples and families who have journeyed through bondage to freedom and inspire others that they too can overcome challenges. Topics are discussed with host Jo Bouris, and regular panellist, Clinical Psychologist, Sarah Harriott. Two guests are welcomed to the couch, who speak hope, life and encouragement through their personal experience. Viewers can then access the topic resources and corresponding questions to start their own journey to understanding and healing: ‘Be that’ person they were designed to be.