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When Love is Not Enough

Lois Wilson was a woman of great inner strength and determination. Together, Lois and Bill Wilson started movements that have helped millions of people around the world. And together, they've given us an inspiring love story. Lois met and fell in love with Bill Wilson. When Bill returned from World War I, they married. Despite concerns over Bill's drinking, Lois believed he was destined for greatness. Soon he was working on Wall Street and they were living a luxurious lifestyle. But Bill's drinking spiraled out of control and soon his job, their home, even their dreams were gone. Despite repeated disappointments, Lois continued to believe her love and support would eventually persuade Bill to quit drinking. When Bill finally attained sobriety, he poured his time and energy into helping other drunks, which led to the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous. Lois felt resentment that her patience and devotion were not acknowledged. When she discovered the wives of other alcoholics experienced the same anger and frustration, Lois learned her own experience as the wife of a drunk could be invaluable in helping families of other problem drinkers. This was the beginning of Al-Anon, an organisation for the relatives and friends of alcoholics.
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