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You’ve Got a Friend

A young boy learns the meaning of family and friendship when a soapbox derby pushes him toward a personal best and an unbeatable new belief in himself. Orphaned by the death of his parents, Bobby (Dylan McLaughlin, Kicking & Screaming) is sent to live with his Uncle Jeff (Jason Brooks, The Pretender) and Aunt Gayle (Kate Connor, Heroes) in the small town of Eagle Rock.… Adjusting to his new surroundings isn’t easy, especially at school and in the shadow of bully Tommy Billings (Chase Ellison, Deadwood), the soapbox king of Eagle Rock. Secretly. Fortunately, Bobby finds the confidence he needs from another one of the town loners, Jim Klecan (John Schneider, Smallville), once the All American Soapbox Derby Champion. The former town hero is going to see to it that Bobby gets what he deserves by following two simple rules: go fast and drive without fear. With a college scholarship in the championship winnings, there’s a lot at stake. What’s more, Bobby’s competition is Tommy, who’s not about to come in second to anyone. Whoever crosses the finish line is about to make a big difference in Bobby’s life.
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