Colonisation, Christianity and the Treaty

Colonisation, Christianity and the Treaty

3 Episodes

Journey back in time to explore a transformative period in New Zealand history. Learn about the key relationships and cultural currents that ultimately led to the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840.


Colonisation, Christianity and the Treaty
  • A Colonialist Agenda?

    Episode 1

    Was missionary activity in 1800s New Zealand an intentional bridgehead for colonisation? Andrew Urquhart speaks to leading historians who unpack evidence to the contrary – that missionaries were actively trying to protect Maori sovereignty and culture.

  • False Conversions?

    Episode 2

    Were the historic rates of Maori baptisms genuine conversions? Or was Christianity a cultural Trojan Horse as secular narratives claim? Andrew Urquhart chats to historians and descendants of those converts, discovering that the Gospel message truly did transform tribes across the nation.

  • Treaty Trickery?

    Episode 3

    Was the Treaty of Waitangi mistranslated to trick Maori into signing away their rights? Andrew Urquhart investigates that popular theory, and discovers evidence that actually, both the Maori and English texts are compatible, and still hold the promise of reconciliation and harmony.