Stories from Aotearoa

  • Te Wairua o Waitangi - The Spirit of Waitangi

    What does it mean to be a resident of New Zealand and how much of our identity is influenced by our background, who we are both culturally and spiritually. Andrew Urquhart investigates in Waitangi.

  • The Amazon Adventure

    1 season

    Follow two brothers Jared and Josh as they take on an epic journey to South America following missionaries down the largest river in the world - the Amazon in a 3-part series.

  • Beauty From Ashes - Christchurch

    In this 45 minute special we take a look at how our Christian community has responded in love and support to those affected by the Christchurch attacks.

  • Lest We Forget - Auckland War Memorial

    A special documentary for ANZAC day hosted by Joy Revela at the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

  • Finding Ratana

    Andrew Urquhart talks with historian and author Keith Newman about the legacy of Maori Prophet T W Ratana; the significance of the movement and the importance of his message to the church of Aotearoa.